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Take your pipetting to the next level with a Picus® electronic pipette. The lightweight, fully electronic pipette fits perfectly in your hand thanks to an ergonomic handle offering unique pipetting comfort. Picus® offers versatile pipetting modes and functions designed to help you overcome the challenges of pipetting and providing you with accurate and precise results. Multi-dispensing mode of Picus® with the smart plate tracker functionality increases reliability and efficiency in your microwell plate work.

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Picus® electronic pipette

Do you wish to enhance the speed and reliability of your pipetting? Try Picus® electronic pipette! It offers you a totally new pipetting experience and unbeatable benefits. Are you still working with manual or mechanical pipette?

What can you do with Picus®?

Picus® offers 8 pipetting modes and 6 additional functions to make your pipetting workflows easy in various applications.

Picus Modes + Additional
Nucleic Acid Methods Protein Research Cell culture & Cell-based assays Microbiology & Virology Analytics Animal Testing
Pipetting + Plate Tracker PCR, NGS, PCR arrays 96-well protein purification Cell-based assays PCR Screening assays, Sample preparation for chromatography (LC/GC) and mass spectrometry Immunoassays, ADME assays
Pipetting + Mixing qPCR standard curves Protein assays Cell counting   Serial dilutions  
Reverse pipetting Small volumes & challenging liquids Low-volume protein analysis High Content Screening   FACS Blood and urine sampling
Manual pipetting Nucleic Acid purification Protein yield, Gel loading        
Multi-dispensing + Plate Tracker Multiplex-PCR Immunoassays, ELISA Cell seeding   Fluorescence assays (FRET, TRF)  
Dilution + Mixing   Enzymatic assays     Spectrophotometric assays  
Sequential Dispensing PCR ELISA, Immunoassays Dose response assays   Calibration curves  
Multi-aspiration   ELISA, Immunoassays Cell culture media change     Immunoassays
Titrate   Enzymatic assays Immunofluorescence staining   MALDI-TOF, TLC, Immunofluorescence staining  

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